Four Things To Know About Hiring An Immigration Lawyer In Australia

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If you are planning to move to Australia or if you have a loved one moving from out of country, you may want to consider hiring an immigration lawyer. If you do hire one, there are a few things you should know that will prepare you for your first consultation and help ease the process along. Here are four main key points to keep in mind.

Always Have A Consultation

You may want to skip a consultation and simply hire an immigration lawyer to get the process started. The truth is, you need to have a consultation to determine what path you need to take for the immigration process. You need to know if there are any obstacles, any legal issues, and any additional steps you will need to take in the process.

Have Paperwork Ready

It's always better to have the paperwork ready and prepared before the first consultation. The reason is because it allows the lawyer to see that you have certain documents, and to figure out what documents you may still be lacking. If all the documents are there, and you are ready to retain the lawyer, then you can do so on the spot rather than having to wait weeks or longer for documents to arrive. Some of the documents you will need are your identification, birth certificate, applications for a visa, and any documents on marriage or birth if it is a loved one that is seeking immigration status.

Obtain A Fee Structure

You should obtain a fee structure from the lawyer during your consultation. The fee structure will show you what you need to pay for applications, documents, and for the legal services you are seeing. The structure should also show you what the fees for court dates will be as well.

Review Visa Application Requirements

Something that can help your immigration case is to review the visa application requirements for your specific case. There are rules for obtaining a visa in Australia that depend greatly on the type of visa and your situation in your current country or residence. You need to check these issues and ensure that you meet the application requirements. If there are legal requirements that you are unsure about, make sure to ask your lawyer during the consultation.

If you take these four things into consideration, you can help your immigration lawyer as well as yourself by having some things ready to go from the start. When you are ready for your consultation, contact a local immigration law firm like CLP Legal.


23 February 2015

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