Common Myths About the Criminal Justice System

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Facing a criminal charge can feel daunting. It isn't an everyday occurrence for most people, so when it happens it's natural to feel confused. If you feel as though the criminal justice system is a mystery, you're not alone. Clearing up some of those myths can help make the process feel clearer.

Legal Aid

There are many countries around the world where legal aid is a guarantee. Legal aid ensures that you receive funding for the crime you are accused of. However, in Australia, legal aid isn't a given. Although it is available in certain cases, you may find that you need to fund your case yourself. Speaking with a criminal lawyer at the earliest opportunity is the best way to determine whether legal aid is an option for you. If you find that it isn't, you need to begin determining your budget and how you'll fund your case. Once you know what finances you can use, you can choose your lawyer accordingly.

Cooperation Helps

It's natural to feel as though giving the police your full cooperation will contribute to a positive outcome. Although you shouldn't be entirely uncooperative, taking steps such as pleading guilty to a crime you didn't commit may not result in the leniency you're hoping for. Police and the justice system are governed by the criminal laws that shape the country. As such, even if you plead guilty to certain crimes or actions to make the police's job easier, you'll still face the penalties determined by that law. Before you take any major steps, speak with a lawyer so they can gain the details of your case and guide you in what's best to do.

Emotional Hearings

There's a strong possibility that your only exposure to court proceedings has come from television. It's important to remember that, in order to captivate the audience, television exaggerates details. This is especially the case in dramas, where there's a certain amount of creative license taken to attract viewers. Depending on the nature of your crime, the court hearing may be quite mundane. It may even be fast and free from large emotions altogether. Although you can't deny the stresses of the situation, don't add to it by assuming your hearing will be overly emotional. Acknowledging this fact is essential for heading into the courtroom with a clear head, which in turn should make it easier for you to come across well to a judge or jury when the day arrives. 

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11 October 2022

Fact And Fiction: Accurate Information About The Law

I love reading novels that involve complex legal cases. I particularly enjoy those that are told from the defendant's viewpoint, but any well-written legal fiction will capture my imagination. My interest comes from being a court stenographer when I was much younger and seeing the dramas in real-life! Nothing irritates me more than a novel which includes legal fallacies. Fiction or not, I am a stickler for accuracy. I like to do research and check if a court case in one of my novels could play out in real life. It has become quite a hobby and I spend a lot of time in the law section of my university's library. I'm sure there are other people who are interested in the law for various reasons and I would like to share some of the knowledge I've gained. I hope you find my blog fascinating and worthwhile.