4 Important Tips to Remember When Being Harassed or Stalked

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Being harassed or stalked is often more terrifying than people realize, as it often escalates over time. Stalking and harassing may soon become vandalism to property, slander and defamation to a person's family or coworkers, and then even physical violence.  A person may be harassed by an ex-spouse or former boyfriend or girlfriend, by someone with whom they work, or even by a neighbor with whom they've had a disagreement.

If you're being harassed or stalked in any manner by anyone, note some important tips to remember. This will keep you safe and ensure your rights are protected.

1. Never retaliate

You never want to retaliate against someone harassing you, as this will usually mean that now you've broken the law and they may have a legal case against you, and it may make you seem like less of an innocent victim. While you may have the legal right to defend yourself physically against outright attacks, you should never enter that person's home or go onto their property, send threatening messages back to them, and so forth.

2. Keep everything

You always want to keep all evidence you have of someone harassing and stalking you, in case your claim needs to go to court. Even if things seem very minor and insignificant, every message they send or leave on your voice mail can prove a pattern of stalking and harassing. Don't assume that anything is insignificant, but keep everything and make a record of every action they take if necessary.

3. Install cameras where you can

Be sure you understand the legalities of where you can and cannot install cameras and what they can record, but usually you can film your own property and car when it's on the road. Installing cameras around your property can help prove that someone is vandalizing your home or car and can also help to ensure your personal security, as you can call the police if you see on the cameras that they've entered your property.

4. Talk to a lawyer

You do have legal rights when you're being stalked or harassed in any way, and sometimes a simple restraining order or cease and desist order is all that's necessary to get someone to leave you alone. At the very least, once you have these orders in place, you can then call the police if they violate these orders, and they may wind up in court. Don't assume your rights, but speak to an attorney to learn what those rights are and ensure you get the protection you need.

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25 February 2015

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