Working Legally in Australia: Visa Types, Restrictions and Benefits

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There are repercussions of getting employment without official permits or Australian work visas--possibly paying heavy fines. In addition, if you breach the conditions of your current visa, you may be forced to leave the country for good. Your employer will also be fined for illegal hiring, and they may be charged with a criminal offense. Therefore, it is important to understand the laws and regulation that govern working in Australia if you are planning to migrate into the country.

There are solid initiatives that have been set in place by the Department of Immigration to catch illegal employees. The extensive restrictions mean that work visas are sought-after, so getting one can be difficult.  When starting the application process, it is advisable to hire a qualified migration lawyer who can represent your skills and interests. Here is some basic information on work visas and working legally.

Types of Work Visas

The 'work visa' term is used to encompass different types of visa which differ in official references as well as in the liberties and restrictions that apply. It is vital to apply in the category that suits your situation so as to increase your chances of approval. The right type of work visa will depend on factors such as the availability of employer sponsorship, the skill level and time factors. There are permanent, temporary or provisional and working holiday visas as well as sponsored and employer sponsored work visas. If you have specified skills or education, you can get graduate, skilled or independent skilled work visas.

Visa Restrictions

There are special conditions and restrictions that apply to every type of visa, so ensure that you consult with your migration lawyer about the pertinent regulations. When you are in Australia with a tourist visa, you cannot be engaged in any type of gainful employment. A student visa in tandem with a work permit will only allow you to work for twenty hours each week.  The working holiday visa is designed such that the maximum period that you can work for a specified employer is three months. These are established rules so compare your circumstances and objectives with the package presented by all work visas.

Benefits of Legal Work

A valid Australia work visa is primarily beneficial in that it allows you to stay within the country. As a qualified licit worker, you will also be entitled to the legal minimum wages or salaries, job training and good basic work conditions, such as periodic leaves and breaks.

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13 April 2015

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