3 Pitfalls to Evade When Looking For a Conveyancer

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It's been a long search, but you've finally landed an 'ideal' home for both you and your family. The next step is to find someone who has the expertise to take you through the legal process, conveyancing. You'll have to provide your real estate agent with some information about your conveyancer before they can prepare the final sales and purchase contract; therefore, it's wise to have a good one chosen upfront.

Here are some common mistakes many people make when selecting a conveyancer that you should avoid.

Seeking referrals from real estate agents

Real estate agents usually receive commissions for their services. If you approach them to help you find a reliable conveyancer, they're most likely to recommend to you one who'll be willing to give them a commission for their referral services.

Instead, it is more prudent to research online or call the customer support staff yourself to ask if their quotation includes charges for searches, bank transfer, land registry fees or any additional work associated with the conveyancing process.

This way, you'll avoid paying more since an agent-recommended conveyancer will most probably pass the extra service charges to you.

Selecting a conveyancer who is poor when it comes to communication

Proper communication makes the conveyancing process between you and the conveyancer a whole lot smoother and faster. On the contrary, the lack of it can turn the process into an unpredictable and frustrating affair. It is a stressing issue since you'll be unaware of what's going on and what ought to be done.

Choosing a conveyancing company that has an online tracking system, for example, can help constantly keep you updated on the progress of the purchase, thus completing your transaction with fewer glitches and worries.

Failing to choose a diligent conveyancer

Just like most professionals, conveyancers are not the same, and finding a diligent one can be quite a headache. Conveyancing is a difficult job, which involves examining a lot of paperwork, and it's very vital to finish all the legal steps prudently. Otherwise, there'll be unnecessary delay in the conveyancing process.

To avoid falling victim to an incompetent conveyancer, you can ask them to do a less complex and time-demanding task such as registering an easement so that you can gauge how proficient they are in explaining the associated paperwork. If you're satisfied with their level of expertise, then you can go ahead and engage them to help you buy your new home.

If you have specific questions about the conveyancing process and the laws associated with it, contact a conveyancer from a firm like Rae & Partners to learn more.


3 August 2015

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