Things to Consider about Working with a Publicly Traded Law Firm

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Publicly traded law firms, otherwise known as law firms that are owned by a corporation, have seen a lot of press. This is both positive and negative press, but the overall viewpoint is that these types of law firms are able to process more cases effectively, which helps clear the court system and keep backlogs down. As a lawyer, you may have thought about working with a law firm like this. If you have, here are a few things you should consider.

Faster Pace

One of the key considerations about working with a publicly traded or corporate owned law firm is the fast pace of the environment. If you have been working with a law firm or with legal assistance, you may be accustom to a certain time schedule for your clients that is based on the court dates and when an available slot for their case comes up. This isn't necessarily the case with a corporate owned firm. You will need to get used to a faster pace, having the case ready at the drop of a hat, and being ready for settlement options depending on the charges or legal issue.

Personally Involved in the Cases

As a lawyer, one of the things you may like about your career choice is being able to relate to your client and become personally involved in their case in some way. When you work for a fast pace corporate owned firm, you may not be able to become as personally connected as you would like. If you have been part of a law firm where becoming involved and connected to the case is starting to get on your nerves, then this type of environment may actually be ideal and keep you interested in your legal career choice.

Press Scrutiny

With every achievement comes some negative feedback, or at least that's what it may seem like. This means if you choose to work for a corporate or publicly traded law firm, that you may be under scrutiny. If there is negative press regarding how the business side of the law firm is handled, you could be dragged into it as a lawyer in the corporation. The truth is, this is something you may deal with anyway as a lawyer for high profile cases or investigations.

Though these may seem like negative considerations to some, to others these considerations may spell out the perfect work environment. If you like fast paced days, quick cases that give you the satisfaction of completing them in the clients favour and press scrutiny is not an issue, then this may be the ideal option.  

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21 August 2015

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