Five Essential Things You Need to Fight False Allegations of Domestic Abuse

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If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, it can be hard to argue your innocence. However, the right tips and supplies can make it easier. When fighting a false domestic abuse accusation, consider using these five essentials:

1. Recording device

In many cases, domestic violence cases devolve into a he-said, she-said scenario. When both parties have a different version of what has happened, it can be impossible to prove your side. However, a recording can help.

If you are still seeing your ex-partner, do not spend time with them unless you have a recording device rolling. Audio or video recordings can help to create proof that you are not abusive.

2. Phone

While it can be embarrassing to be accused of domestic violence, you need to let people know. Don't wait until your relatives, friends and neighbours hear about the allegations from your accuser. Instead, get on the offensive.

Pick up the phone, call everyone you know and rally their support. Also, use these people to help create alibis and witness testimonies showing you were not or are not abusive.  

3. Calendar

When making allegations about abuse, your ex-partner may have to give the courts days and times when abuse occurred, and strong alibis can be the most effective way to fight these allegations. Invest in a calendar and use it to create a list of alibis.

Work backward from the day your partner made the allegations and fill in as much activity as possible. If you cannot remember what you have done or where you have been, contact friends and let them help you recreate your memories.

4. New passwords

If you and your partner have been together awhile, he or she may know all of your passwords. Sadly, when falsely accusing someone of abuse, the accuser may hack that person's email, phone or social media account. Once in your accounts, the accuser can send threatening messages from you. Then, he or she can use those fake messages to 'prove' that you were abusive.

To prevent that risk, change all of your passwords. In addition to changing personal communication accounts, change bank and credit card passwords as well so your accuser cannot access those accounts either.

5. Defense lawyer

Finally, the fifth and most important thing you need to fight a domestic abuse charge is a high quality defense lawyer. Defense lawyers can help you use the items above to create a strong defense. They can help protect your image, your right to custody of your children and your freedom. Want to learn more? Contact criminal defense lawyers today.



16 September 2015

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