When and Why You Need a Lawyer For Your Small Business

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If you run a small business, you might assume that since you don't have a large corporate, you don't need a lawyer. However, there are many reasons to get a lawyer and situations when they will come in handy. Here are some different situations when having a lawyer is beneficial to your business.

You Intend to Sell or Acquire a Company

The first situation that might require having a business lawyer is either when you intend to smell your small business, or later down the line you want to buy another business. Acquisitions can be complicated, especially if you have a partner who is buying the company with you. Definitely seek help from a lawyer during the entire acquisition process, including when it comes time to sign the contracts.

A Previous Employee is Suing You

If you are in a situation where a current or previous employee is suing you, such as due to them believing they were unfairly terminated or discriminated against, you need a lawyer right away. It is best to already have a lawyer by this point, but if it has not crossed your mind until this point, don't waste any more time getting one. Make sure you get a business lawyer that specializes in such cases, since there are different types of lawyers. A business lawyer with more experience dealing with real estate or contracts is not the one you want.

There is a Sexual Harassment Case in the Workplace

Another potential issue regarding your employees that requires a business lawyer is if a current employee is suing another employee over sexual harassment. These cases are highly sensitive and require legal assistance. Even if you terminated the employee who is being blamed for sexual harassment, there are situations where the company itself could be sued. For example, if the employee who was harassed believes a supervisor for your small business knew about the harassment, but nothing was done until the employee made the official complaint, they can sue your business for overlooking this.

A Major Mistake Was Made

When someone that works for you makes a mistake, it is not always seen as simple human error and overlooked. If the mistake affected a customer, client, or vendor, or their reputation, it can lead to a potential lawsuit. For something like this, even if you have business insurance to cover such lawsuits, you still need to have a really good business lawyer, like one from Anthonys Solicitors, to help represent you.


27 July 2016

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