Why Even First-Time Offenders Need the Help of Solicitors


If you're facing a judge for the first time, you might assume that you can easily argue your own case or that you'll automatically have charges against you dropped since it's your first offense. This thinking is very shortsighted and can mean facing hefty fines, a long criminal record, and even jail time. No matter the offense for which you've been charged, and even if it's your first charge, it's always recommended that you at least consult with solicitors for your case.

23 February 2015

Predictors of divorce

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If you've ever been surprised by a friend or relatives divorce, you know that it can make you start contemplating your own marriage more closely. Here are some of the common predictors of divorce. A lack of kindness to each other Researchers have found that when the ratio of positive to negative interactions in a marriage falls below 5:1 it's a sign of discord and can be used to predict with a 93% accuracy which couples will divorce in the next 5 years.

20 February 2015

Common Types of Free Legal Services

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When you are accused of a crime, or are embroiled in some kind of legal dispute, but you don't have the money to pay a lawyer, you can avail yourself of some free legal services. If you don't know what these free services entail, here's a quick breakdown of what's out there to help you resolve legal issues. Public Defender - A public defender is a court-appointed lawyer who is assigned to your case after you inform the court that you can't afford to pay for your legal defence.

19 February 2015